7 to 15 October 2016

in the Studio Theatre

Holes web sm


by Tom Basden

directed by Nicholas Richards


It’s Lost meets The Office or The Beach meets Beckett, but with more laughs!

Three ill-matched colleagues en route to a work conference in Australia find themselves dumped in the tropics with teenager Erin, whose parents died in the crash. But there’s no time to mourn Erin’s loss when there’s sunbathing to be done and other passengers’ suitcases to loot for goodies. A mysterious plane crash, office politics and the fate of mankind are just some of the themes that the marooned bunch of misfits explore on the deserted island. As they wait to be rescued. A series of unfortunate events threaten their view of the world, and eventually, each other. But, while it begins as a comedy, it soon gives way to something much more sinister.

Cast & Production Team

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