17 to 25 July 2015

in the Theatre Upstairs

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10 Minute Play Competition 2015

“8 plays, 8 directors, 8 performances”

This year’s 10 minute play writing competition, launched last September, has attracted over 180 new plays from writers all around the world. A final eight plays have been selected for performance, and will be staged together each night as New Venture’s July production from 17th to 25th July

The form is minimalist – up to ten minutes duration and a maximum of three actors, but this format has allowed the writers a dizzying range of subjects, from the funny, poignant to outright surreal.

The eight plays produce very different experiences. The final choice goes to New Venture playgoers, however. Each night the audience will be asked to vote for their favourite play of the eight, and on the last night we will announce the overall winner. Don’t miss the chance to take part in a unique event and see some great theatre.

Chance Encounter by Dorothy Lambert
Comfortable by Edwin Preece
Crumbs by William Patterson
Finn & Tilly by Eamonn Dolan
Tainted Love by Mary E Davis
The Garden of Earthly Delights by Stephen Connolly
The Gift by Lorraine Forrest-Turner
Wish You Were Here? by Jonathan Skinner

Competition Results

10 Minute Play Competition 2015 - Photos