19 to 27 June 2015

in the Studio Theatre

Anarchist sm

The Arsonists

by Max Frisch

directed by Sam Chittenden

Fires are becoming something of a problem in this town - but Biederman has it all under control. A respected member of the community with a loving wife & a flourishing business, he believes nothing can get to him. Being the great philanthrope, he wants to fulfill his civic duty & give shelter to two new house guests, & when they fill the attic with petrol drums he’ll help them wire the fuse.... But who is fooling who?

The Arsonists has themes in common with Brecht, Dario Fo, and - with its narrating chorus of firemen - greek tragedy. Although with political undertones, its main focus is on human behaviour & the psychology of self-deception. It is pacey, surreal and fun. There will be fire!!

Arsonists - Production Photos