20 & 21 December 2013

in the Studio Theatre

Washington St103 Version 4a

Christmas Improv

"It's a miracle on Washington Street!


Let us take you to a place where, every night, relying solely on the power of creativity and imagination, we bring you an entirely new story........

Improvisation company Washington Street, the love child of hit Fringe show 'A Beginning, a Muddle, and an End', is back at the NVT for two festive performances.

You will laugh with us, love with us, and struggle with us as our six talented improvisers bring to life weird and wonderful characters in two totally improvised plays.


The magic begins when you enter NVT's Studio Theatre. So, put your nut roast in the oven, leave your wellies by the door, and snuggle up to experience NVT's alternative Christmas show"