18 to 26 July 2014

Decade image


A selection of playlets by various writers related to the events of 9:11

directed by Kirsty Elmer

No-one can forget the moment they heard the news. September 11th, 2001 sent shockwaves across the globe. It was a day that was supposed to change the world forever. Ten years on, a team of major writers and thinkers have explored responses to the defining event of our times. This is a thrillingly imaginative investigation into the legacy of 9/11.

'Decade' is a collaborative collage of playlets from twenty contemporary writers, in response to the attacks on the Twin Towers: the events of the day and their legacy ten years later. We will be staging 14 of the plays in promenade, utilising all the NVT theatre spaces to tell a range of intertwined stories.


Decade is a promenade production, which will involve the audience moving from one theatre space to another; there are stairs which some may find difficult. There will also be some strong language and therefore, due to the nature of the piece, it will not be suitable for children.