24 & 25 June 2011

in the Studio Theatre


Crimes Against Humanities Teachers

A Smarty Pants Productions - written & directed by Andy Thomas

A disillusioned Humanities teacher knows he has to leave his school. But how does he leave with dignity and say the things he needs to say? With one hour to go before he gives his leaving speech, he is visited by the ghosts of 'Carry-on' stars. Step forward Kenneth Williams, who believes he is the one to help the teacher be honest, cutting and true. Together they go on a surreal journey through a decade of one man's teaching career and one man's 50 year comedy career. Both hoping to find answers. Both needing resolution. A roller-coaster ride of original comedy.

Hilarious and poignant, 'Crimes Against Humanities Teachers' is a must see for anyone who has been in a school. Won Best Comedy at last year's Brighton Festival.

Starring Andy Thomas and Colin Elmer
Produced by Smarty Pants Productions

Intelligent, quintessentially British and indisputably hilarious (ThreeWeeks) *****
Outstanding...Hilarious and Moving (The Latest7 Magazine) *****
Highly recommended...very impressive performers...powerful & touching (FringeReview) ****