Happy Now?


Michael - Simon Hudson
Kitty - Sophie Dearlove
Johnny - Ciaran O’Connor
Miles - Giles Coghlin
Bea - Emmie Spencer
Carl - Robert Purchese
June - Pat Boxall
Voice of Cora - Bibi Dearlove-Richards
Voice of Tim - Oscar Bird

Production Team

Director - Claire Lewis
Production Manager - Ulrike Schilling
Stage Managers - Caroline Stephens and Janet White
Assistant Stage Manager - Laura Mukabaa
Costume Design - Claire Lewis
Set Advice - Tim McQuillen-Wright
Set Design - Michael Folkard
Set Construction - Simon Glazier, George Walter,
Monika Schuettbacher, Cai Jones,
Delphine du Barry and Ingrid Styles

 Lighting Design - Keith Dawson
Lighting Operation - Alex Epps
Sound Design - Ian Black
Sound Operation - Ian Black and Erica Fletcher
Props - Glenys Stuart
Prompt - Sue Williams
Poster - Dan Walker
Photographer - Strat Mastoris
Publicity & Marketing - Emmie Spencer and Max Videaux