The Canterbury Tales - Review

Six of Chaucer's classic tales, in an adaptation by Phil Woods with Michael Bogdanov, had been updated and presented by the students of Varndean College as a rollicking, bawdy romp set in a pub where the annual Canterbury Tales Competition is taking place.

An enthusiastic company of some 16 actors -– some first timers, others “seasoned board traipsers” — and two talented musicians provided the audience with a fun filled evening as each tale, be it of love or lust, was enacted. Many of the cast, having to appear in more than one tale, were called upon to demonstrate their characterisation skills in their multiple roles. Credit must also be given to the director, Gerald Sexton, not only for getting the best out of his young cast, for his inventive staging but also for having original music and songs from Chris Holt & Jem Muharrem that enhanced the production.

Barrie Jerram