6 to 14 October 2017

in the Studio Theatre

Antigone Poster web2


by Sophokles

directed by Sam Chittenden

‘We come out of the dark’

Civil war has decimated Thebes and torn apart the troubled family of Oidipous. Kreon must keep a grip if his new government is to be strong and stable. But when Antigone defies him and buries her traitor brother, she sparks a series of catastrophic events. Is she a criminal with terrorist leanings, a brave voice of reason, or simply a loyal sister? Is Kreon a heartless dictator, or a man trying desperately to balance the needs of state and family?

Anne Carson’s poetic and colloquial translation brings these extraordinary personal and political circumstances into the present day - a world where civil war and despotism are still rife; a world that longs for truth and courage.


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