11 to 15 May 1999

Triple Bill: Actor / Harry's Christmas / Dog

by Steven Berkoff

directed by Jenny Knight

An actor's life is a hard one; a fragile being with a need for acknowledgement, condemned to years of struggle, unemployment, auditions, agents, self-loathing, disappointment, self-pity and directors who didn't re-employ. This is the life of Berkoff's actor as he tries to express the best part of himself but is, as part of his daily life, rejected and condemned.

Harry's Christmas
Many will remember a Christmas when they experienced feelings of loneliness and isolation. The spotlight of Christmas can be painfully exposing for those without families, bereaved, in pain or congenitally introverted. Harry is alone at Christmas. He is counting his cards and desperately trying to find a way to ease his pain. Harry is stranded, with himself, at Christmas. In his agonising loneliness many will find echoes of their own lives.

Dog is a comedy of manners, performed by a delightfully unconfused guardian of British morality usually found in the more 'colourful' public houses and at selected football grounds where "...Millwall were kicking the shit out of Arsenal..." (on and off the pitch). The dog of the title is the "...sweet as a nut really, I swear..." pitbull.