17 to 22 May 2005

in the Theatre Upstairs


The Weir

by Conor McPherson

directed by Pat Boxall

On a stormy night, in a remote bar on the west coast of Ireland, the local men are swapping spooky stories to impress Valerie, recently arrived from Dublin. What begins as a simple visit to the local pub turns out to be an evening of both funny and spellbinding stories until the final tale takes a devastating and unexpected twist.

Special note: there will be an evening performance of this production on Sunday 22nd, at 7:45pm, in addition to the usual 2:30pm matinée.

Conor McPherson brilliantly reconciles the mundane and the metaphysical and suggests there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our modern materialist philosophy.

With rich Irish characters and irresistible comic dialogue, this spellbinding play contains, at its heart, a shattering event which will not fail to move you.