24 to 31 March 2007

in the Studio Theatre


Double Bill

The Interview & Agape's Excess

by Robert Hamilton

The Interview
directed by Helen Caton

A hilarious black comedy, set in the office of author Desiree Martin. In the mist of a personal crisis, Desiree interviews the unsuspecting Rosalind Seeley for the job of writer’s flush. To see if she is up to the role, Desiree takes Rosalind on an unrelenting and unexpected journey in which she must demonstrate her mental dexterity, her ability to improvise, as well as her sexual flexibility. As Rosalind is driven deeper into the unknown, it becomes clear that getting back to reality may prove to be a little tricky. Rosalind must trust her instinct and lose her intellect if she is to succeed.

Agape's Excess
directed by Susan Moss

The dark side of a relationship: is it real or virtual reality? That thin line between love and hate. How far do we go to prove our fidelity?