10 to 17 November 2007

in the Studio Theatre

Bouncers Shakers

A Double-bill

Shakers by John Godber and Jane Thornton


Bouncers by John Godber

directed by Louise Gregory

Shakers Restirred is the female answer to Bouncers, and is just as fast, slick and funny as its bigger brother. It is an excellent starting point for a great evening out, set in a cocktail bar that is the place to be seen in after work or before a club. Come and meet the waitresses that work it, find out about their hopes, dreams and disappointments as well as their customers! An evening out never to be forgotten, and that's before you hit the nightclub!

directed by Mark Green

The Cocktail bar has closed so now where do you go? The club! First of all you need to get past the bouncers, but if your name's not down, you ain't coming in. They've seen it all before – the pissed up lads, the hen nights, and the 'Z'-list celebrities. This time it's the bouncers that show us a vision of urban nightlife.