13 to 21 December 2008

in the Studio Theatre

It's a Wonderful Life

adapted by Gerry McCrudden

directed by Gerry McCrudden and Mike Stubbs

'Each man's life touches so many other lives, and when he isn't around he leaves an awful hole.'

No one is born to be a failure. No one is poor who has friends. Simple thoughts were the inspiration for one of the richest, most uplifting, most beloved films evermade. Now brought to the stage as a 'radio play' of the period.

George Bailey, pillar of his community, a kind man, a man dedicated to the welfare of others. Through the actions of the town's avaricious local banker, Mr Potter, George is driven to the point of suicide. In answer to the prayers of the townsfolk for the missing George, a merciful angel comes to the rescue -- showing George what a sad and sorry place the world would have been without him. George now realises that he has a Wonderful Life.