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Objection is a powerful account of one woman’s journey after a fun, drunken night out and a late-night walk home. A stark look at how the legal system and society treat and view victims of sexual assault, this piece of new writing puts us inside the witness stand with the victim and see how traumatising the entire process is.

Victoria Storm




Written and performed by Victoria Storm
Objection has been written and will be performed by writer and actor Victoria Storm; an NVT member who first appeared on our stage in 2019 playing two roles in our Short Play festival. Her poetry, short plays and monologues have attracted interest from several production companies and theatre groups in London during lockdown and are currently in production online, but she is very proud to showcase this very personal piece herself as part of NVT’s digital event.




Cata Lindegaard web



Directed by Cata Lindegaard
Cata has been a member of NVT since 2018 after moving to Brighton to pursue a career in acting and directing. Since joining, they have starred in four productions, as well as one at Brighton Little Theatre, and worked on another ten behind the scenes. Back in November, they were the assistant director in our production of Fen, and they are delighted to have been given their first shot as a director in NVT’s virtual season.




CONTENT WARNING: This performance contains descriptions of sexual assault which may be distressing to survivors and others.
If you or a loved one have been affected by the topics discussed in the performance and wish to seek help or support, feel free to visit any of the websites listed below.

Male sexual abuse: