2 to 10 November 2018

in the Studio Theatre

Orphans poster


by Dennis Kelly

directed by Charly Sommers


While threat and menace pervade the neighbourhood, Danny and Helen keep their heads down and their mouths shut. The moment Orphans begins, though, Helen's brother appears in their flat, dripping with blood... But whose is it? And what is Liam hiding?

Plunging straight into a thrilling, contemporary suspense story, Orphans takes you on a chilling journey of emerging truth and buckling trust. Never free from an encroaching sense of dystopia, Orphans is both disturbing and naturalistic. Audiences leave with the feeling that society's horrors are closer and more nightmarish than ever before...

If you like your drama bleak and your humour black, Orphans is a must-see play.

Cast & Production Team

Orphans - Photos

Photos by Juliet Morris