18 to 26 January 2019

in the Theatre Upstairs

Laundry and LoneStar 100px

Laundry and Bourbon / Lone Star

by James McLure

directed by Mark Lester

A baking Texan afternoon sees friends Elizabeth and Hattie sharing Bourbon and folding laundry. They chat and reminisce while waiting for the replacement Air Conditioning. Elizabeth’s wayward husband Roy has been missing for days and Elizabeth is harbouring a secret.

That evening, nostalgic Vietnam veteran Roy is knocking back Lone Star beer at Angel’s Bar with younger brother Ray. While Ray indulges his older brother, neither is aware of what the night holds for them and Roy’s prized 1959 Pink Thunderbird convertible.

Cast & Production Team

Lone Star & Laundry and Bourbon - Photos

Photos courtesy of PKSY Art